This past week I met with seniors in Theology class. In case you haven't heard, here are the topics that were covered:

1) CAMPUS VISITS. Now is the time to visit college/university campuses. It's the perfect time to see what campus is really like and get a feel for how you might fit in. Most campus visits can be set up online. Just Google the college admissions office (example: Xavier Admissions or Xavier campus visit) and you will be guided through the next steps. If students need to be away from FC for the day, this is considered an excused absence (Admissions offices provide written evidence of their visits), so there will be no impact on participation in sports or after school activities.

2) MILITARY? Now is the time to talk with recruiters from the various branches of the military. If going into full-time service or the National Guard, begin those discussions now to figure out what is your best option.

3) COLLEGE APPLICATION DEADLINE. I encourage all students to have completed their college applications by November 1st. This early application ensures that they are eligible for any available merit money.

4) COMMON APPLICATION. If completing the Common App for participating colleges and universities, please know that this is not something that can be completed during a study hall. It typically takes hours to complete the Common App and additional requirements may be in place for some institutions.

5) SPORTS IN COLLEGE. Students who want to play at the college level will be able to find a place in D1, D2 or D3 teams. Participating in camps sponsored by colleges and universities is the best way to be recognized. Coaches will be invited to meet with you on scheduled Admissions Visits, just be sure to mention your interest when signing up for the visit. Rather than students determining if they are "good enough" please let the college coaches decide.

6) FAFSA. Families can file their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) beginning October 1st for the 2020-21 college year. This is quite different for most families who previously completed the FAFSA after filing taxes. Waiting is no longer necessary. The earlier submission of the FAFSA allows families an earlier idea of what the final costs at each institution will be. Many years ago it was only necessary to file the FAFSA if your family income was low enough to be considered for federal aid - this is no longer the case. In order to be eligible for any institutional aid or grants, every student's FAFSA must be on file.

7) Honors Diplomas at 2020 Graduation. By meeting 6 of 7 categories, students are eligible for The State of Ohio Honors Diploma. The categories are: 4 units of math, 4 units of science (2 must be advanced), 4 units of social studies, 3 units of 1 language or 2 units of 2 different languages, 1 unit of fine arts, 3.5 or higher grade point average, 27 or higher ACT. Students completed eligibility sheets so that we can determine who may is eligible for an Honors Diploma.

8) Graduation Requirements. For 2020 graduates, they must have achieved 18 total points on the state testing (4 of these points must be in English; 4 must be in math) or 2 of the following 3: a. 2.5 GPA in junior and senior years; b. 3 AP credits; c. Capstone Project; d. Work or Community Service Experience totaling 120 hours.

Example 1: Antonio earned 17 points on his state testing. With being that close to 18, we would encourage him to retake one of the tests to increase his score by 1.

Example 2: Amy earned 13 points on her state testing. Though Amy has never been a good test taker, she earned 3.2 gpa her junior year and it is likely that she will have 2.5 or higher gpa her senior year. With those gpas, Amy decided to also complete the Capstone Project in order to meet graduation requirements.
Example 3: Virginia earned 15 points on her state testing. She has had a solid 2.4 gpa throughout freshmen, sophomore and junior years. In order to meet the requirements for graduation, Virginia has elected to complete a Capstone Project and a Community Service Project.

In the Guidance Office, I have the state guidelines for Capstone Projects, Work or Community Service Experiences. I am meeting with each senior to go over their state test totals and the best alternative options for them, if needed. Regardless of what path is needed, the end result is that all of our seniors will graduate. Please have this conversation with your senior. I am also available to meet to discuss further. If needed, we want students to get started on their alternative options early this school year. We can also recommend service project options that are available at FCHS.

Each student's schedule of classes should be set now. We anticipate no further schedule changes moving forward; however, if your student is struggling or begins to struggle later in the year, reach out to the teacher. If necessary, schedule changes can be made.

Now that ChromeBooks have been distributed, students can get their log-in information for Health and other online classes in the Guidance Office.

All student schedules have been finalized at this point, but please share with me if your student is struggling or encourage them to stop in and see me so that we can look into options.

All new ProgressBook users (parents and students) were assigned registration keys today. During Theology all students received a paper that includes their registration keys as well as their parents. Directions for how to register for the first time or how to add on a new student are included. In order to avoid the loss of that important paper, students were encouraged to take a picture of this document and send it directly to you.

ACT DATES 2019-2020
September 14 (deadline to register August 16, late registration deadline August 30)
October 26 (deadline to register September 20)
December 14 (deadline to register November 8)
February 8 (deadline to register January 10)
April 4 (deadline to register February 28)
June 13 (deadline to register May 8)
July 18 (deadline to register June 19)