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The Peer Advocates Club is a service-based organization. Throughout the year, the members sponsor several events including Red Ribbon Week, the collection of donations for Friendship boxes and Prom Promise along with many other activities. Red Ribbon Week is a week in October when students across the nation are compelled to show their support for a drug and alcohol free school. Students wear red ribbons the entire week to show their allegiance to this worthy cause. During the weeks before Christmas, Peer Advocates members collect items for Friendship Boxes. There are shoeboxes covered with wrapping paper, filled with items such as playing cards, toothpaste, chewing gum, notepad, etc. that are given to the homebound in Lancaster. During the last months of the school year, Peer Advocates sponsors the Nationwide Prom Promise. During the week preceding the prom, students are encouraged to sign the Prom Promise that says they will remain alcohol free on prom night. There are also speakers from around the county that come to the school to explain the dangers involved with drinking and driving.