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Feb 2nd 10:00-11:00 with Bishop Brennan
Ash Wednesday Service, Feb 17th 1:00-2:00
March 30th 1:00-2:00
April 27th 1:00-2:00
May 18th 1:00-2:00
8:00 am-2:00 pm
Feb 12th
March 12th
April 9th
May 14th
The Religious Formation and Ministry programs are founded on the basic premise that the Catholic School exists to further the new evangelization through intentional discipleship.

In Educating Together in Catholic Schools, the Congregation for Catholic Education identified the fundamental aim of the Catholic school as one of “forming the person in the integral unity of his being.” In response to this call, Catholic schools in the United States shine forth as beacons of hope in our increasingly secular culture. More than ever we need strong Catholic schools, perhaps our most effective means to bring families and children to completeness in the image of Jesus Christ.

As a Catholic Christian community, we share the tasks to proclaim Christ’s message, to participate in efforts to develop community, to lead people to worship and prayer, and to motivate everyone in the spirit of service and justice.
All School Masses will be offered about once a month as an opportunity to gather as a community in order to worship the triune God of Christian faith and to be nourished by Word and Sacrament.

Students will also have the opportunity to spend some extra time in prayer at a chapel service immediately after school on First Fridays of the month. Confessions will also be available, at this time. Eucharistic adoration will be available for the students and community on the second Friday of the month in the school chapel. Community members my sign up for a time on line.

Retreat Program (retreat opportunities may vary from year to year)
The retreat program at Fisher Catholic has been developed to allow young people time away from their everyday routine for the purpose of reflection, prayer, and encounter with Jesus Christ. Given this opportunity to meet and deepen their relationship with Jesus also allows them to deepen their
relationships with their classmates since the more they come to know Jesus the more they are led to see Him in their brothers and sisters. While on retreat, the students are encouraged to apply the content of the Catholic faith to their own lives by engaging in age appropriate exercises involving diverse learning styles. They are also provided with time for silent prayer and meditation. In the end, the hope is that students will recognize that the Christian faith is a personal faith; that is, it is about personal relationship with Jesus and with His Body, the Church.

9th and 10th Grade Days of Reflection (Mandatory)
Our freshmen and sophomore retreats are held during the school day. It is the student’s responsibility to find transportation to and from the location and to bring lunch, if we travel to an off campus location. The themes of these retreats will vary depending upon the needs of the community but will include: prayer, morality, spirituality, and living as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

11th Grade and 12th Grade Retreat (Mandatory)
To be determined