All students who are interested in being a part of Student Council complete an application and compose a short speech declaring why they would be a good candidate and which position they are running for.  The candidates have a short assembly with each of their grade levels and their classmates vote on their class officers and representatives.  Some of the activities that Student Council sponsors are: Homecoming, Dances, Prom, Spirit Week, leadership programs, fundraisers, and new student welcomes!


Student Council members are expected to meet and maintain the following expectations:


  • Maintain passing grades throughout the school year
  • Refrain from behavior problems in and out of school
  • Assist other students, faculty, parents, and community
  • Provide an open line of communication between student body, administration, and community
  • Attend all meetings and events on time
  • Provide a positive attitude at all times
  • Promote school spirit
  • Promote and obtain goals set forth in meetings by the Student Council


For inquiries, please contact Katie Gillum, Student Council Moderator, at

Student Council group


President - Luke Sharp

Vice President - Jack Tencza

Treasurer - Joe Reed

Secretary - Cora Anders

Representative - Allison Welsh

Representative - Maureen Murphy

Representative - Hope Wright


President - Emma McCrady

Vice President - Emeline Neighbor

Secretary - Marie Hampshire

Representative - Nathan Reiling


President - Voni Bethel

Vice President - Jack Gentile

Treasurer - Abby Krooner

Representative - Elyse Blackston

Representative - Claire Sicafoose

Representative - Emma Schmidt

Representative - Ava Albert

Representative - Jayda Dixon

Representative - Carley Crow


President - Maggie Murphy

Vice President - Daschel Neighbor

Treasurer - Noah Reed

Representative - Charli Gillum

Representative - Sydney Ellis