We are dedicated to the development of Christian virtues and social experiences by providing a strong academic foundation within the Catholic tradition.

The educational process can assist the student in fulfilling his or her potential through the development of the intellect and the discernment of other important gifts and goals. The objective of this process is to prepare the person for continuing development in order to assume his or her responsibility as a contributing member of society in general and the Christian community in particular.


  • A well-rounded education combines religious faith, intellectual challenge, academic excellence, and social responsibility. Fisher Catholic High School encourages our students to develop and increase the capacities for informed judgments, the appreciation of our cultural heritage, and the personal commitment to the Gospel call for faith and service, especially to those who are in greatest need. As a high school community, it is our responsibility to be a living witness of Christ’s presence; therefore, we recognize Jesus Christ as our Lord, Savior, and Teacher.

Taking the four symbols of our school crest: Enlightenment, Education, Understanding, and Activities, the faculty of Fisher Catholic pledges to work with the parents in helping our students to achieve the following in the four years that they are with us:

A Fisher Catholic graduate will be an example of a faith centered person who lives by the principles of the Catholic Church and who seeks truth and knowledge throughout his or her life. Provisions for exceptional students must be offered.
A Fisher Catholic graduate will be prepared to advance to higher achievement in college and career choices. He or she will feel confident about his or her abilities to succeed in that chosen path. A Fisher Catholic graduate will find a foundation on which to share his or her faith and education with the world and have a life-long love of learning.
Fisher Catholic takes a holistic approach to education by providing for the academic, psychological, and spiritual needs of each student. Through his or her participation in the life of the community, a Fisher Catholic graduate will become an active member of his or her community and live in compassionate solidarity with all of creation.
A Fisher Catholic graduate has been involved in at least one school activity during his or her high school career. The Fisher Catholic graduate has been involved in activities that contribute to leadership skills, teamwork, and a sense of cooperation in order to achieve a goal.