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Parents & Staff,

We became aware of some point-value discrepancies on the existing scale and acted immediately to correct them. The attached scale which will be in effect retroactively through the first grading period and from this point forward will not affect any students or their averages negatively; in fact, in three locations on the scale our students' grade point averages will appropriately rise.

This scale reflects our desire to help our students, to maintain academic integrity, and to create lasting consistency as a part of our grading practices.

The weighted courses have a separate scale altogether and have not
changed; we will be posting all of this information to the website very
soon as well.

PLEASE NOTE: We can not distribute "hard copies" of first-quarter grade cards until we go into each teacher's grades on-line and adjust with the corrections in place, but we will put those hard copies in the students' hands just as soon as we possibly can. This is a tedious, time-consuming process, but well worth our effort. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. Feel free to call either of us with your questions and concerns.

Dr. Lozada

Numerical % Letter Grade 4.0 Equivalent Weighted Courses
93 - 100 A 4.00 4.20
90 - 92 A- 3.75 3.95
86 - 89 B+ 3.50 3.75
83 - 85 B 3.00 3.20
80 - 82 B- 2.75 2.95
77 - 79 C+ 2.50 2.75
74 - 76 C 2.00 2.20
70 - 73 C- 1.75 1.95
68 - 69 D+ 1.50 1.75
65 - 67 D 1.00 1.20
Below 65 F    
Honors 3.5
High Honors 3.75

School Announcements
. Fisher Catholic voice notification system (www.schoolannouncement.com).
During the year, we will be sending our voice, text and email notifications for school closings, event reminders, schedule changes, meeting notifications, and volunteer opportunities, along with a variety of other reasons.
Note: Currently all voice notifications are being sent to the phone you provided on the family directory information sheet, but choose which numbers you would like notified in each situation.
    • Step-by-step instructional demonstration on how to create your username, password and
      add additional contact information for your child or children to the School Announcement web portal.
    • Log into the site please go to http://portal2.schoolannouncement.com/parent/login.aspx
    • Sign in Simply type your username and password into the text boxes provided.
    • If you have not yet registered please click on the Register now Button.
    • To Register Type in your Primary phone number in the text box provided. Click on the Submit Button.
       You will now be asked to enter your first name, last name, relation to the child, a username,
       password, a security question and a security answer. Click the submit button to continue.
Now that you have registered with SchoolAnnouncement.com please enter your username and password and click Submit to log in. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 740-654-1231.
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